After a lot of …

After a lot of thinking about how to approach solving our Group Problem, we decided “eco-friendly” cigarette filters were what we would focus on. In addition, we were planning on finding a way to insert a micro catalytic converter in the filter that would make second hand smoke less toxic to people around smokers. Here are some research materials:

Why/ What makes second hand smoke dangerous:

How does a cigarette filter work:


Norfolk: Reinvented

This is my Prezi. My vision for Norfolk is cleaner, and harbors more of a sense of community as well as a way to balance the gap in SES. I have incorporated a few ways to use smart growth and compact development to enhance the quality of life in Norfolk. A few features of my new and improved city include use of solar and geothermal energy, as well as creating green buildings and redesigning existing buildings to be green as well.

Technology and Me

I’m not sure if we have to have to have this title, but I guess I’ll keep it status quo for the sake of this class. I think I’ve always liked technology, even before I considered it as such? I grew up in  a pretty nerdy family and everyone was always really into video games, AHA! How technological, right? Not so much at first. The first video game system I played was a Super Nintendo and a Sega Genesis. They rule. And since then I’ve pretty avidly kept up with new systems and games up to second generation systems. I never really got into pc games, except for Age of Empires 2, I can get pretty good at RTSs. Once xbox 360 and ps 3 came out I’ve been broke and am actually really horrible at any of the games. My boyfriend makes me play COD 4 with him, and I guess I’ve gotten better, but I’m still really terrible especially when I play anyone online, haha.

The new systems really are so complex, as are the games, even the in-game functionality is really intricate.

Aside from video games, THE INTERNET IS MY FRIEND. I started my first blog when I was 12 or 13 on livejournal. I think the idea has always appealed to me because I always liked writing, and the internet just gives me such a huge audience, plus ANYONE from anywhere that is interested in my writing can check it out as opposed to just the people in my city, and when I was younger it was even more limited to the people in my school and neighborhood and home, so I’m so very very fond of the internet.

I grew up in a really strictly Islamic household, which I know isn’t pertinent to STEM110T,but for me it is. I was pretty much sheltered as heck, I wasn’t allowed to spend the night at my friends’ houses, I wasn’t allowed to play outside for longer than until 6. I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of things. Having pretty much technologically illiterate parents at the time, the only other way I kept in touch with my friends was via e-mail, and instant messaging. Again, the internet, is my friend.

I download music, I can stream movies, I can do so so much. And after years and years and years of learning what sites to use for research and what sites to not use, I’m really really good at finding the right information I need for papers. Or even just finding out specific things. Google is a blessing you guys, i’m telling you.

In growing up strictly Islamic, I didn’t get a cellphone until I was 18, and to this day I don’t have text messaging because I’m still on my parent’s plan. Luckily, I have a smartphone with wifi, so I can use the internet on it. I do understand what 3g/4g capabilities are and I am jealous of all of you folk that do have it!


In other words, technology and me go way back, and I back it a lot. There are some things I dislike about it though. I dislike that it has prompted many people to become a lot less literate in ways. Upon entering college I was continuously bombarded with questions of e-books vs real books. I still love real books, I do see the benefit in e-books though, and the convenience. In the end though I think technological advancement is just society’s way. It’s going to happen. We just need a balance of how to use it properly so we don’t dumb down all of the human beings out there.

lyk omg, i’m live on wordpress now

Firstly, I’d  like to openly state my hate and distaste for wordpress, it is by far the most Not user-friendly format for blogs I’ve ever seen. hence why I probably don’t have one. The themes are extremely limited and the ones that are available are not customizable in the least bit unless you know some pretty heavy html encoding, and I don’t. But really, you can’t so much as even change the fonts without signing up for something. Plus, you can’t delete your account! You just. Can’t. What’s that about? So, I cant create a new blog url of srahm002 because I used it before, deleted it because it wasn’t my primary blog, and now that I want to make my primary blog’s url srahm002, I still can’t. because at one point in time that was a used url, and even though I deleted it, wordpress has it logged into their system somewhere. UGH


This is my second attempt to my first blog post on wordpress. Hi, my name is Shoma. I’m an English Education major here at ODU. I’m taking this class because it’s a gen-ed for me. I’m a senior. My first first blog post was more fun and I wasn’t in such a bad mood 30 minutes earlier, but this one kind of sucks, because this is the second time I’m having to do it. I like books, movies, games, fashion, food, and some more stuff kids our age like (i’m 21).

This is me:

and that's Evan, I love him.